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The Siddiqsons Group was established in 1959 with the principal activity of trading in cotton cloth. It was later diversified in different areas of the Textile industry.

With business acumen running in the Rafi family and also realizing the changes in the global demands, the management of the Group, once again diversified into
manufacturing Denim cloth in 1982. Since than the group has consistently evolved according to the needs of the industry and have grown to become one of the
top denim manufacturers and exporters within Pakistan.

In 2004 the group set up it’s own completely completely equipped state of the art laundry plant. This step enabled Siddiqsons to become a fully vertical denim
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Denim Development
in 6 steps

Ball Warping

In the warping process, individual strands of yarn are removed from yarn packages prior + Read More

Rope Dyeing

Two rope-dye ranges enable Siddiqsons to produce pure indigo, sulfur bottom, + Read More


Long Chain Beaming separates the dyed yarn into individual strands, parallels the + Read More


The sizing process follows the dyeing process of the yarn; this is already visible by the machine + Read More


The weaving process interlaces the warp (length-wise indigo dyed yarn) and the + Read More


The Finishing Range brushes and singes the cloth prior to the cloth entering a + Read More

to being gathered into a rope form suitable for dyeing. Individual strands of warp yarn (the length-wise yarn in a fabric) are gathered into rope form and wound onto a log, thus forming a ball warp.
sulfur top, and colored denim yarn. The yarn goes through scour/sulfur dye, wash boxes, indigo dye vats, over a skying device (to allow oxidation to occur), through additional wash boxes, over drying cans and then is coiled into tubs which are transferred to the Long Chain Beaming process.
strands, and winds them onto a large section beam in preparation for Slashing. The Slashing process takes section beams, coats the yarn with a starch/wax solution, and winds the yarn onto a loom beam.
sequences and is necessary to stabilize the warp thread against the high mechanical stress while the weft thread is being fed.
filling (natural-colored cross-wise yarn) producing Rigid & stretch cotton denim in a variety of weights and styles.
finishing solution. The cloth is then pulled to the proper width, skewed, dried and rolled for the next process.

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Our infrastructure is more than capable of delivering the results you need.

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From quality certifications to winning multiple accolades. We stay true to our legacy.

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Siddiqsons wide geographic presence is one of its competitive advantages. From a Pakistani beginning,